Thursday, September 14, 2006

Niibori ensemble coming to town!

For the relatively small group of classical guitar players in Singapore who also happen to be involved in an guitar orchestra or ensemble setup, the Niibori Guitar Ensemble's visit to Singapore should not come as new "news". Afterall, there has been talk of Thomas Liauw bringing them to Singapore since 2 years back, only it didn't happen then.

But finally, this time round, things seemed to be confirmed. We get to hear the famed Niibori players play, and in our own backyard!

I remember when the Tsu ensemble came to CFA some time back, we were all very impressed with the kind of musicality, tightness of the ensemble, and the spirited display when they performed their repertoire at Dance Theatre. Thinking back, that was the first (and only) time I've heard an Niibori ensemble (superior to Genus) play Live. And to think the Tsu ensemble is not even a professional ensemble!

I'm certainly not going to miss this opportunity to admire a professional Niibori ensemble perform in Singapore. Can't wait for Dec 6th!


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