Friday, September 15, 2006

A learning experience

They always say - the best way to learn how to swim is to jump into a deep pool and try your best not to drown. If you managed to do that, you'll learn how to swim faster than any coach can teach you.

I just got a taste of that at work.

Imagine trying to fix a problem on a computer terminal, where you're required to do re-programming of keys on a live dealing station. The best part of it is - you have not touched nor even seen this kind of keyboard setup in your life. So it's basically touch and go, you learn ON THE SPOT.

And all this while, the client is standing behind you asking, "what's the problem? why so slow? I need to trade real time. Now! "

Backup for me comes in the form of my experienced, and more importantly - helpful colleagues. I desparately went through my blackberry and dialed some numbers. I called a total of 3 colleagues, but alas! All three were busy, either in class or in training. Still, i managed to get some information and tips from each of them, and piece the suggestions together into a workable solution.
*and the best part is - i had to use only Mandarin to converse on the phone, so that the client (who's an Indian) wouldn't know that i actually know next to nothing about the stuff. He probably picked up on my desparate tone of voice though. :P

So - problem solved? Hardly... after the whole process was done, it turned out that it was a hardware issue! Something for the hardware engineers to worry about. Darn...

But it's true. You learn real fast when you're put on the spot, and under intense pressure to perform. Provided you don't crack. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.

And also gives you a few more white hair too.


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