Monday, October 23, 2006

We're going to Austria!

Kuja and i will be traveling to Austria tomorrow!!!

We've decided to take a long vacation (2 weeks) as both of us need some R&R time to recharge from our hectic work schedules.

*ahem* well, maybe hers more hectic than mine lah. :P afterall, she's the one who's always doing overtime, while i practically knock off from work on time every day (THAT should be the way, right?).

anyway, it's bye-bye to my blog for 2 weeks. Will definitely come back with some nice pictures in 2 weeks' time.

till then,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Envy envy...

**at your fat wallets**

Have a nice trip, but dun forget to bring some austria food for a starving goat.


12:59 PM  

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