Monday, October 09, 2006

Guitaresque's latest repertoire

Eagerly awaiting a response from the National Heritage Board (NHB) regarding my request for venue sponsorship at the Singapore Art Museum (SAM). (I've just sent in a proposal for Guitaresque to do a free concert at the Glass hall at SAM.)

As for our repertoire, here's a tentative lineup:

Carnival - a lively and quick tempo piece composed by Patrick Roux of the Canadian Guitar Quartet, that we performed in the 2004 guitar festival. Bagged us the ensemble section first prize then :)

Blue Ocean Echo/Country Gentleman - an arrangement by Bill Kanegeiser from LAGQ album "Guitar Heroes". One of my personal favourites from that album! Fun to play, but devilishly difficult to execute and to coordinate the passing of melodies from one guitar to another.

Baia - a Brazilian jazz favourite i first heard from the album by the 3 guitar masters - Charlie Byrd, Laurindo Almeida and Carlos Barbosa Lima. I arranged it for 4 guitars (the recording features percussionists and bass), but it seems to lack some 'mojo' when we jammed it. I think all we need is a percussionist! Any volunteers?

Telemann Concerto - our chance at redemption!!! We shall focus more on the bloody 2nd movement.

Cavatina - a crowd pleaser (hopefully). I arranged it for 4 guitars, throwing in some counter-melodies and harmonies. The big advantage over solo version being the ability for the melody line to be sustained longer.

Introducton et Fandango - another of the 'oldies' from our repertoire. Played in 2001 for the Guitar festival. We look forward to bringing this piece to a higher level than we did back then. *Finally i get to strum loud chords again!*

Bach's Little Fugue - last played in 2002/2003, in a Masterclass when Prof Toshio (Niibori Academy) visited Genus at CFA. We've decided to add this piece to boost up on our "serious" repertoire category. *who'd thought we are now finding it hard to find baroque/classical pieces to play! *

Sevilla - an arrangement for 4 guitars (cant recall by whom), and though not as demanding as the solo version, still packs quite a challenge to the quartet, owing to the many coordinated runs that the arranger included. * we've decided to edit the ending bar - make it more HIONG! hahahah!! *

Harumi suite (Dredlock & Along the Edge) - the "most performed" piece in the collection now... We played this Andrew York's classic in this year's Genus R&R, then at the Open Mic at Library@Esplanade. But heck! We like the piece, and from the audience's response at Open Mic, they enjoyed Dredlock too!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for the post. Now that's no excuse for not practising!! Hehe


8:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Percussionist? Haha. I would, but I'm rhythmically-challenged... :p


5:58 PM  

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