Friday, December 15, 2006


HK, KW, "OG" and i had dinner together at Big O cafe in Wheelock Place couple of nites ago... it was quite nostalgic, really - catching up on old times, on younger days (in NUS - Genus adventures and tales) and men's talk.

The only funny thing was - it was supposed to be a gathering to meet up with KM, who has gone 'MIA' for the last year or 2. It was like he's cast a disappearing spell on himself, and decided to 断绝关系with all his friends from the old days. According to OG, this guy not only refuses to answer SMS, he even refuses to pick up calls! I myself have also encountered the same problem with this fella. It's almost like we're some loansharks chasing him for money. Man!!! what's gotten into this guy...

So finally, one fine day he decided to reply one of my SMS. Said he don't mind meeting up as he's going to Australia to study. Ok, i said. Let's get some guys together and have dinner. Fine.

When that day (suggested by him, not me! ) came, guess what? An SMS saying "oh, i got something on, meet up another time."

Great, i thought.. he's done it again. I tried not to sound fed-up, and sms-ed back "Ok, so can you suggest an alternative date/time then? Since you're obviously the busiest one amongst us.."

*Pooof * He does his disappearing trick again. No answer. No call.


OG is really pissed off this time. * i think his hoofs must have been buried deep into the sand... from all that kicking and scraping.. * Can't blame that fella.... poor guy, all he wanted was his wedding tape! (and for a good reason too... apart from the obvious)

一份友情因为种种原因而变质,最终搞到不欢而散,的确令人惋惜. 甚至是痛心...

我真的是不明白. 也许我将永远不会明白.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanx for blogging this a sort of time reference when he remembers where to press the "answer" button in his f***ing mobile.


11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh ya, on a lighter note, it was a nostaglic dinner reminiscing old times :D


11:31 AM  

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