Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Gala Premiere

Attended the gala premiere of the movie "Curse of the Golden Flower" with kuja last nite. The event was held at Vivo City Golden village (the "golden" part is purely coincidental), and as Chow Yun Fatt made a guest appearance for the event, there was the usual fan fare and large crowds of star gazers wanting to catch a glimpse of the movie star in person.

All in all, the show was considerably entertaining and interesting. There's the usual plotting, backstabbing, seducing of step-son, brother and sister commiting incest (albeit through ignorance), vengance, and best of all, a very colourful battle scene right in the large palace courtyard. Basically, my eyes were constantly filled with colours - gold, in particular.

I must say, Jay Chou looked rather splendid in the golden suit of armor. Made me think of Tomas (in the Magician series) donning his golden dragon armor and cutting through chunks of enemy armor (and flesh) in the battle.

Gong Li was superb, as usual, in her role as the vengeful empress who was forced to stomach drips of poision served to her by the emperor's order.

And of course, Chow showed his class, bringing life to the screen through his protrayal of the emperor. He was so convincing (and thus intimidating) that I was almost feeling afraid for the rest of the characters, not knowing what he might do to them next.


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