Monday, December 18, 2006

Has Masak been revived?

Against all odds, Masak had a practice session yesterday evening!

Well, to be exact, it was Masak with a slightly new look - Wai had taken over the bass part from Snow parang -whom it seems has little inclination to play guitar these days, though he remains active in the MJ and outing/gathering depts :)

We took Beguine the Begin almost at the tempo which we used to play from our last take (which must have been a year ago! ), and I think it sounded pretty alright! I think the reduced level of score familiarity was more than made up for by our advancements in individual technical abilities. Sections which were really tough to play (and to coordinate) back then, now seemed less daunting and much easier to negotiate. Generally, the song just felt more "alive" than before, as we were able to articulate certain passages and notes with more ease, and thus could actually infuse more expression into playing them.

My feel is that if we want to perform this song for 23rd March (Arts Festival - Genus concert), we'll only need 1-2 more sessions to polish things up. That is not an issue at all.

What I'm more interested to find out is - has Masak been brought back from the dead for good? or is it just a matter of 廻光反照?

At the end, it all depends on how the members look at the group and whether they wish to continue to put in the effort required to keep the practice sessions going. And for most working people, that is certainly quite some effort.

To be frank, the "burden" often lies more squarely on the shoulders of an individual - the group leader/coordinator. Being the leader of Guitaresque, I feel and understand these frustrations more clearly than any of my group members. So yes- i can empathise with Barber Lee on this count. Barber, incidentally is the group leader of Masak.

And that - is what worries me.


Anonymous hansen said...

So does she needs my file? I'm clearing my room anyway...

As the previous Masak member I have a farewell request....

Plastic Flower!

11:17 PM  
Blogger Wai said...


Yes the file would be much appreciated. :)

11:51 PM  
Anonymous michelle said...

seems like what you fear is really something to be feared. It has been a week, not sound from Barber.

12:19 AM  

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