Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Sometimes we can be so absorbed in our own little world that we fail to see the far greater picture... and it happens to most people, i guess.

Recently, over a dinner with some of my friends from GENUS, I heard from Mich that a "new" Niibori guitar group has surfaced in Singapore.

"Really?? You mean a professional one?" I'd asked.

"They're called Singapore Niibori guitar ensemble." was the reply.

"huh? Then they must be damn solid lah.. to dare to use the country's name in their group-name"

"Dunno leh. But i think they're set up thomas Liauw's students" was the answer.


I wonder if we (ie. those of us who have been playing the Niibori set of instruments for the past decade (for me, it has been 13 years) are the 井底蛙, in that we had become so full of our own achievements and progress (not that it's much) that we didnt realise the world have moved on... more, and stronger Niibori guitar ensembles have since came about which we didnt even know existed.


There are some groups of people out there who believe they are the "premier" and "professional" Niibori guitar group(s) and that they alone carry the flag of Singpoare's Niibori orchestration movement.
* I visited one website where a guy stated he headed Singapore's only professional Niibori guitar ensemble - the Singapore Niibori Guitar Ensemble. Sounds pretty impressive. Except the funny fact that none of us have even heard about this group's existence, not to mention attended any of their concerts (if they've had any). And I'm talking about people who have been playing serious classical guitar for at least the last 10 years.

I wonder who are the 井底之蛙 then - Us or them?

Well, in January 2008, GENUS~Expose will be putting up a performance at the Esplanade. I hope we will put up a strong performance and show the rest of the classical guitar folks in Singapore that we aren't the 'toadies'! :P


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Dam...S'pore GQ was taken...


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