Sunday, October 28, 2007

Now i can video him!

Finally made up my mind about the make/model and bought it over the weekend!

I am talking about the videocam which i have been thinking of getting, especially since my boy-boy is due to arrive in less than 3 months' time.

After weeks of research and deliberating, plus a couple of trips to the usual electronic haunts like Sim Lim sq, Funan centres, this is what i settled on:

The panasonic HDC-SD5 is one of the latest model from Panasonic to arrive in Singapore, featuring the high-definition (full HD) imaging processor. It wasn't cheap though, and looks like i have to skimp on a few other wanna-gets this year-end (Christmas!!). sigh... but at least now i'll be able to shoot videos of my little baby when he joins the family in 2008!


Anonymous hansen said...

Many people thought buying a videocam = great videos. But actually, to really make good use of it you'll also need a relatively good computer, loads of hard disk space, a Firewire port/cable and a video editing software. And perhaps a DVD recorder to store your hundreds of hours of video?

Yes, just to remind you I'm still holding on to our Taiwan video. Unedited. But I've finally gotten all necessary tools, and it should be ready soon....

11:43 AM  
Blogger 北海道的大黑熊 said...

Yep, this model comes with an external DVD writer. So I can write video clips directly to DVD-R!

Hey, i almost forgotten about that Taiwan video..haha. would be nice to watch it again...

1:34 PM  

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