Saturday, July 11, 2009


It's been 2 years since EP and I took a trip (even a short one, like to Malaysia) out of Singapore. I mean, the reason is obvious ya? With a beastie who is turning 18th mths soon, you can imagine how tied up we have been for the last 2 years (including the couple of months before he was born).

Come to think about it, 2 years isn't exactly a long time, some people spends years huddled comfortably (and contentedly) in this sunny island, and not feel a tinge of regret, nor any eagerness to go out and experience more of the world. But that is not me. Understandably, with the economic crisis still very much in the picture, PLUS the H1N1 threat being very real at the same time, many people are choosing to stay put at home (read: own country) and to postpone any plans for long trips abroad. To me, that is perfectly logical and is reasoning that I'd subscribe to as well.

Still personally, I think nothing rejuvenates the body (and spirits) better than a relaxing short overseas trip with good friends and family. Just being able to turn off that mobile phone, get away from the internet (emails, facebook, blogs, etc.), and immerse oneself in a pleasant, relaxing (and very importantly - cool !) environment for a couple of days can make a huge difference to one in terms of mind and body.
That is the reason why I am a little wary of taking like a weeks' leave just staying at home, doing nothing more than watching videos, surf the internet, or shopping at the same old complexes that we are so used to. I'd imagine that after such a "vacation" at home, I might return to work even more weary than before!

Good thing the little beastie will turn 2 early next year. I'm looking forward to bringing him along for our next trip, which is likely to be a short one (we aren't as adventurous as some of my friends who'd lug their <1yr old babe to the US, or to Europe).... Let's see, maybe a cruise or a trip to Cameron highlands year end? =)


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