Friday, July 03, 2009

What I have learned from my son

Being a father has changed me in many ways. One of the most obvious changes that I'd admit straight away, is that I try not to take a lot of things in life for granted.

Jing Kai's arrival made sure that I learned to treasure every moment, since time is something that truly never comes around.

The little one virtually took over our lives' schedule since his arrival in Jan last year. Besides the fact that our daily schedules are almost totally dictated by his needs (and fancy!!), much of what we do and behave are also transformed by this little creature, whom we sometimes refer to as "beastie". Ya - not a cuddly or cute name, but too bad, his parents are fans of science fiction thrillers, fantasy books, and horror flicks. And truth be told, JK is quite a destroyer, armed with sharp finger nails (which seem to grow ever so quickly), and rapidly developing teeth, which he is ever-so-willing to sink into whoever offered their shoulder, belly, arm or thigh for offering.

But the beastie has his quiet moments too. And it's in these moments, that he made me realised how much he has changed me. Last night, it happened again.

As usual, our normal routine of coming home (from my in-laws') was to flick the TV on (who can live without the google-box these days???) to catch the latest sporting action on offer - happens to be the Wimbledon Championships, which we loved to watch. With time so limiting and so many things to do, multi-tasking was the order of the day, and for EP it meant grabbing a book/magazine/papers whilst for me, it was either the laptop (to catch up on emails, blogs and Facebook) or the papers. So what would the little guy do? He simply storms around his domain picking up things that belonged where they were, and summarily relocating them to where they did not belong.
This seems to be the pattern of our average weekday evening life.

Then last night, while I was transfixed on my laptop screen, I noticed something was not really right. The little beastie was not kicking and throwing his toys (and our remote controls) around and he wasn't making a ruckus in the living room. Instead, a little face peered up at me in muted silence. The little beastie looked straight into my eyes and it appeared to me that he was asking, "Papa, why are you not spending more time with me?"
At that moment, I felt a strong sensation of guilt and so I immediately shut down my laptop and picked him up and gave him a tight hug. After that we had a good time trying to fit blocks of plastics (square, triangle, diamond shaped) into a box with the relevant holes.

I think sometimes we may be too carried away with the mundane things in our lives (like watching TV, logging in to the internet, etc..) and fail to treasure these little moments that truly matter to us. Particularly moments we share with people whom we love....
I guess in a way it's a little similar to the reminder I put down in my previous post -

Don't miss that opportunity as it may not come by again.


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