Thursday, August 27, 2009

End of the world dream...

I dreamt of the end of the world last night.... Rather surprisingly, it wasn't as frightening as I'd thought it would be. But I'll start from the beginning. It's really quite weird.

You know how dreams are - they are always bits and pieces of scenarios, all un-connected and seemingly unrelated. The people who appear in my dreams are a mixture of people I know and some unfamiliar ones. Well, actually for these "unknown" people, they appear more as feelings rather than precise faces. Somehow, you just know you dont know them! Weird huh? =P

Anyway, it was a series of scenarios as mentioned. In one of them, I saw my boss and her family, and I was with beastie JK. Naturally, all the fuss was about kids and babies, seeing how they interacted and played together. Funnily, it was in a coffeeshop kind of setting.

A second scene. This time I was queuing up for some stuff. Wasn't exactly clear what it was for, but the queue was extremely long, and the human line went into this cramped little office space, and at one point, the queue extended down some stairs. I recall at the end of the queue, we picked up some disc (think they were movie DVDs!). This probably led to the 3rd scene...

I was with BL (maybe that's why the association with movies, DVDs..haha!) but we seem to be rushing somewhere. I remembered it felt cold, and we needed to rush into a vehicle or something. Then I seem to have left something behind, and had to turn back to pick it up - there was a sense of regret and panic as I had to run back. I asked BL to go ahead. The car sped off... I then saw/felt/experience a bright light which looked like a silent explosion in the far horizon.

Final scene. I barged into a classroom-like place, where a teacher (or professor) was conducting a lesson. I think it was something to do with Astrology. Somehow, I knew something was wrong, and I picked up the chalk/marker and started to tell the class my theory. Many were stunned at what I knew, and some were lost for words. A few started to ask some questions which I answered readily. There were a couple of guys who instantly knew that I was right. I gathered the group of them and wanted to warn them further, but it was too late. Out of the window, a blinding white light could be seen over the horizon, and very quickly, the rays of white light expanded towards our location. The last thing I remembered was shouting out to this group of folks to huddle together and focus their minds (not sure what that would do...) when it comes.
The blast came over us........ and I closed my eyes (in my dreams lah).

And then, a strange beeping sound was heard.

EP's alarm clock! Oh no, time to wake and bring beastie to his granny's place... and then to work.


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