Thursday, July 23, 2009

Time Traveller

There are definitely times in one's life when you wished (possibly fervently!) that you could turn back the clock - in other words, travel back in time - to undo something that you'd regreted doing, or to do something which you hadn't done.

I was told (or I might have read it somewhere, I'm not sure) that reason why people have these kind of thoughts is because of one thing: discontentment. You'd always think that life could possibly be better had you done/not done something in the past. I mean, with the benefit of hindsight, who wouldn't make a better choice, or a better informed decision than he/she had before, right?

Hmmm... Sounds like a "logical" kind of reasoning, but really, it may not be so.

In the first place, any kind of "time travelling" idea aleady doesn't fall within the "logic" that we know of. The classic idea of a man travelling back in time and killing his's parents before he's born, resulting in himself being 'wiped off' the face of this Earth screams "illogical!" to any reasonable mind. Or better still, the scenario in which the fella travels 1 day back to time to warn "himself" (one 1 day younger version of himself) not to step on the banana skin, hence avoiding the certain injuries or misfortune.

There's one other rather convincing argument against the possibility of time travelling (in the future) - if it could really be done, why haven't we seen any time travellers from the future in today's "era"? Surely there MUST be some tell-tale signs of a person if he doesn't quite "belong" to our times... like he behave/talks differently, has gadgets that doesnt look like anything we'd recognise, or can "predict" things in advance (since he came from "the future", remember?), etc. In other words, he'd almost be like an ALIEN! =P
Well, some people might say," how do you know they havent already come and be in our midst, only that they'd really smart about covering it up and looking ordinary. Or maybe they've been abducted by the Government, and the truth is out there...". Well, I guess if you subscribe to this theory, then you're also probably a true believer of the aliens-on-earth (but everything is covered up, X-files style) theory ya?

I have another hypothesis.

If time travelling truly were to happen, then it could only occur via a parallel universe kind of scenario, ie. the time traveller would never be able to travel back in time in HIS own reality, and murder his parents thereby "undoing" his own existence. The "set of parents" whom he murders will never live to give birth to the baby obviously, but this is in another reality, and has nothing to do with the time traveller anymore. In other words, he is not he anymore..... Confusing? You bet!

But then, even this hypothesis cannot explain why we havent seen any time travellers in our world as yet. Maybe they really are just hidden from our sights. Maybe the truth IS out there.



Blogger Wai said...

Haha nice. That last quote brought back fond memories.

I've never wanted to move through time, just space.

3:47 AM  
Blogger 北海道的大黑熊 said...

hehe. i think Hiro Nakamura's (in "HEROES") abilities are cool! He can freeze time, travel back/forth in time, and teleport (move through space).

Just dont think too much into the logic of the thing. Like i said, there isnt any.

4:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm Wanying, a librarian with NLB.
I came across your post on time travel and it makes for an interesting read. I mentioned your posting on NLB's ASK! Blog and have commented on the topic on time travel. You may want to check it out at

6:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a theory of time travel by use of worm hole. Scientist believe if they can warp the light strong enuff, they can create a worm hole, a link to a time.

Its like a bridge between 2 tall building. Normal passing of time is like going down 1 building to street level and going up another building. For worm hole, its like a bridge (a shortcut), so u can move "faster"!


10:49 AM  

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