Wednesday, July 22, 2009

23 years ago

My Secondary school Form teacher recently posted a photo in Facebook. That photo was taken more than 20 years ago - 23 years, to be exact. It was a class photo, for the the Sec 1P class in Raffles Institution, back in the year 1986.
I remembered that photo for sure, although I do not know whether I still have a copy of it kept somewhere or could it have been lost during one of those house moving events, but given today's technology and the internet, that doesn't matter anymore - since I can simply download it and print it out easily.

I remember those days - well, not a whole lot of details to be sure, but certainly the key, memorable moments, as well as some of the strong feelings & emotions associated with certain events or venues in the school (located at Grange Road, in those days).

For instance, I will always remember standing at the stadium steps looking down at the group of boy scouts scuffling around busily (to fall into line), as they are being disciplined by their seniors. I remember feeling a little relieved that I'm not one of them (being scolded), but at the same time, feeling a little envious that they seemed like such a closely knitted group.

I remember the scary biology lab in the 3rd floor of one of the buildings, where we were told was haunted. And every time we had classes held in that lab, I would glance around the room nervously, looking for signs of the supernatural.

I remember an evening class activity in Sec 1, where we stayed back in school to play games. There was food and drinks, and we played dog-n-bone, tag, and other fun activities.

I remember contemplating if I could somehow sneak up to the restricted area :the RI clocktower, being ever-so intrigued with the horror (again - supernatural) stories associated with it. (Of course in the end, I didnt do so. Maybe if I had, I wouldn't be around to talk about it. muhahahah!)

I remember the delicious Muslim chicken rice store, which always had long queue. The rice and chili combination was awesome! And the chicken was fried to a golden brown state. Yummy!

Ah.... those were the days.

Thanks for the photo, Ms Miiko Tan! (Ops.. she's now Miiko Gibson)


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