Thursday, August 20, 2009

A father's wish

Seeing your children grow up.

Surely that must be one of the most important things to a parent. I can certainly relate to that - to be able to watch and witness your child grow up day by day before your eyes, going through the stages of learning and development newfound abilities and skills, and eventually gaining independence and forming his own family - that to me, has to be one of the greatest and most profound joy any father can have.

Why the sudden sentimentality? Well, it was mostly because a lunch topic today, with my buddy, Wolf.

He was telling me about a friend of his, this lady who had contracted breast cancer and currently undergoing chemotherapy. Mind you, she's in her mid-thirties and has 3 young kids in the family. He was telling me how the treatment is causing her so much pain, and that she had to virtually stop working as she is feeling too weak to continue at her job. It is really sad, as the cancer has spreaded to her lungs area, and she is gradually losing her speech as well.

I told Wolf that I'd heard from EP about one of her co-worker's husband also recently losing the battle to cancer. He was even younger - in his early 30s, I believe.

It's so sad to think that these folks wont get to see their children grow up. The kids, being as young as they are now (I'm thinking these kids cant be any older than 4-5, maybe even younger) probably wont feel too much sadness now; but the afflicted parent will certainly be devastated.

I know I would be if it were to happen to me *touch wood*.

And that reminded me suddenly of what a doctor told me not too long ago, during one of my visits to the clinic ( I was down with flu and sore throat, I think). She advised me to watch my blood pressure and diet, and to exercise regularly. When I laughed it off, she gave a stern warning, "Do it if you want to watch you son grow up." ( during our chat, she'd asked me if I had children, and I told her I've got this little baby at home)

I remembered for several weeks after that visit, I was definitely more careful with what I eat, and I made it a point to exercise pretty regularly. Alas, that didnt last for too long, and soon I was back to the super unhealthy regime of having late night snacks, eating super unhealthy food and making excuses all-too-often for not exercising.

This has to change. I WANT to see my boy - my little beastie! - grow up!

It has to start now.


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