Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cough...cough...Arrrgghhh! where's my fresh air???

I don't know what made me suddenly think of Isaac Asimov's Robot novels this morning, but I did.
I guess it could be due to the slight drizzle I encountered as I trot to the bus stop (after dropping off the beastie at his granny's place).

I really hate the weather these days. Especially when you are caught in the rain without an umbrella. Why doesn't it rain when it should - ie. in the late evening when we're mostly comfortably home?

The recent haze also played its part in my increased level of discomfort (I have sensitive nose and throat) and thus disgruntled-ness in the Singapore weather. Someone ought to really shoot those buggers who continue to burn down the forest like nobody's business. The amount of smoke (and resulting haze) they create is really acting like a chemical weapon, invading those in their neighbouring countries. It's almost like having a million smokers puffing into your face as you walk down the streets....

Anyway, why did I mention Asimov earlier? Well, he'd described the future Earth as being "Caves of Steel" (which was the title of the first novel in the Robot series, I think), where people all lived underground, comfortably sheltered by these ill-effects of any natural (or man-made, in this case) weather elements, such as rain, thunderstorms, strong winds, etc. Everything from air flow, air temperature, to brightness and windiness, etc. are controlled by man, so as to create a constantly "comfortable" environment.
I remember at one point, the protagonist in the Robot series - Elijah Bailey - was mortified as he was exposed to the natural elements (think it was a thunderstorm).

I used to think it would be quite sad if one day people on Earth truly lived their lives in caves of steel. But with the haze and all, maybe it isn't such a bad idea after all huh?


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