Monday, January 11, 2010

Guitaresque lunch in Jan 2010

It's been quite a while since the guys hanged out for a proper lunch/dinner as a quartet. In fact, I cant even recall when was the last time we did so....

Ever since I'd moved out of our dear home at The Dew (almost a year ago now....), and our practice venue's moved to LS's place, it's been a little more troublesome for us to have lunch together after our usual Sunday rehearsals. We'd finish with our session normally around 1pm, by which time I'd have to rush off home (as EP would waiting for me to have lunch together), and OG would also need to go off to perform his usual "ta-pao lunch routine" for S. Which leaves Barber and LS - and the latter having to attend his next rehearsal session (with his other orchestra, in which he is a flute player) at 2pm.

While our practices are still very enjoyable (filled with lots of funny moments, and loads of laughters), and we are definitely making progress as a quartet and as individual guitar players, I find it a little sad that we couldnt even find time to sit down and have a nice meal in all these months.

Again, the fact is - we COULD have, only if we'd wanted to. It's just that nobody took the initiative and effort to make it a point to do so. Maybe it was a common understanding (or thought) that since we are already meeting up weekly for our rehearsals, what's the point of having a lunch (or dinner) together anyway? I dont think it is the same though.
Just like how we used to tell the kiddos back in Genus, (ok, I sound "old", but these days when i look at these folks in Genus it really makes me realise how large the age gap really is between the undergrads and the alumni - like us =P) : Go for dinner together after your Sectionals and your Ensemble sessions, cos that's the only way you are going to know the other people better and bond together as a team.

Interactions during rehearsals are great - but these are mostly limited to the scope of music discussions. For instance, we'd laugh at one anothers' mistake (you know - the weird, funny notes. Or when a G# is not supposed to be a G#?!? The guys would probably know what I'm talking about. haha ), we'd talk about guitars (e.g. OG's latest prospects, and his "accouting" ledger. Again, an inside joke), we'd talk about the latest Genus gossips, etc..
But these are only 1 aspect of our lives, really... We wouldn't have time during rehearsals (nor is it relevant) to talk about that holiday trip we'd just gone to, interesting things happening at our workplace, for us to fawn over the little (but already not a baby!) JK, etc..

That was why I decided to call for a team lunch last Sunday, after our rehearsal. It's simply been too long.

And it turned out to be as enjoyable and fun as I'd thought it would be! We had lunch at this pizza/pasta cafe near Barber's home. Ok.. the food wasn't that great, to be honest! But so what? We still have a great time chatting and catching up and sharing stories & gossips.

My hope (and dream) is that one day, we can travel abroad as a quartet and take part in an overseas guitar competition or a festival. Those experience and memories will be worth a lifetime...


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