Monday, January 11, 2010

Lunch talk

Had lunch with wolf today. We talked about a lot of things (usual for us... what do you expect from 2 guys who've known each other for almost 2 decades? and share many common interest? 英雄所见略同... or maybe some would say 臭味相投. hahaha!). Our dear buddy, Pete should be coming back these couple of days - or perhaps he is already back? - as he is hosting a 1st year birthday celebration for his daughter Sarah coming Saturday at the Ritz.

I was just thinking how sad it is for a parent to miss out so much of your child's first year in his/her life. After all, it's during this phase of their lives that they change the most dramatically - in terms of how they look, how they behave, etc.. everything!
Even Wolf, the self-declared married-but-available(for going out, drinking, socialising, etc... dunno what else??!@? ) guy felt it was "not so good" for a father to be abroad all these time, while his wife and (so far only) child is in Singapore.

Still, who are we to know what goes on in another's family. As they say - 家家有本难念的经. Who knows, perhaps it's a case of "absence makes the heart fonder"? hmm...

Anyway, I'm just glad that he's coming back (even if it's just for a week or two, then he's back to Canada to continue his studies). Really looking forward to catching up with this group of my old buddies. It would be a guy's nights out!


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