Friday, January 08, 2010

America's Got Talent 2009

I really enjoy watching the reality show - America's Got Talent. This reality contest showcases the various kinds of performing talents in America - from the singers (most common) to the dancers (2nd most common), to the magicians (probably a close 3rd ) and then there're usually a host of other kinds of talents, some you could'nt even imagine before watching the show.

The recently aired (and concluded) season 4 was one of the best season so far, I have to say. There top 10 final acts were all very good (well, with the exception of Grandma Lee, whom I thought was quite funny at first, but later on, it got a bit stale.... and sometimes I couldnt really catch her joke, as it was possibly more suited to the America audience/listeners).

There were of course the various solo/groups of excellent singers, amongst whom I really enjoyed watching and listening to a lady soprano (Barbara Padilla) and a trio of texas cowboys who called themselves the Texas Tenors. They were really professional sounding and could perform on any stage worldwide and not seem out of place. Besides them, there were also other singers who were very good (I guess they're just a bit too old to join American Idol, otherwise they would surely feature amongst the top few finalists there as well). In fact the eventual winner of this year's competition was Kevin Skinner, a farmer whom when he first appeared for the auditions, was seen as a 'joke' - due to his shabby looks, and unshaven face. However, the judges' (and mine as well) jaw literally dropped when he first opened his mouth to sing... great voice...

But other than the singers, there was also a group which comprised of 5 sisters who were all married with children (they'd once mentioned that together, they had 17 kids! unbelievable....). This incredible group of sisters loved dancing , and have been dancing together for the better part of their lives. And it shows! Even at this not-very-young-anymore (they looked to be in their late thirties ) age, they could still dance with such gusto and coordination. Plus, of course the choreography was first class too. Really excellent to watch!

Another group which stood out for me was Recycled Percussion - a group of 4 guys who utilises recycled materials to form the basis of their instrumental band. They once used an old van, cut it up into half, and banged on the inside, outside , topside, bottomside, etc.. to create their own brand of music! Normally, loud, heavy percussive music isn't really my cup of tea, but these guys made it look so fun!

I can't wait for the next season of America's Got Talent to come!
* sigh... unfortunately, we'd probably not be able to have something similar in Singapore, as our population is just too small! Also, how much creative talent can we uncover in this rigid, controlled state, where academic development and economic returns are the foremost in everyone's mind?


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Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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Thank you for your compliments =)

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