Friday, December 25, 2009

New year thoughts (not resolutions)

I am not a person who believes in making new year resolutions. Reason being, I simply don't have the mental (and physical) discipline to follow-through.
Okay, maybe it's also because I don't see any particularly pressing desires or needs that requires fulfilment.

For instance, while I would like to lose some weight (who doesnt??? okay, maybe EP doesnt... hoho), it isn't something I am "desparate" about. At least I am not desparate enough to go on a diet or anything. At the moment, all I'm trying to do is to balance out my cravings for fried/oily foods with a more-or-less regular regime of exercise - 2-3 times a week of light gym workout. And I think it's going pretty well at the moment. So no need to make any 'resolution' or promises to keep...

I would like to pick up the cello again if possible. I kind of stopped playing it completely after the beastie arrived in our family. Just didn't have the time and energy to carry on going for lessons. In the new year, I would like to pick it up again. Guitar remains my true love, but the cello is seductively attractive too... :P
Hmm.. maybe one day I can perform a duet with my boy - Guitar and Cello! or Guitar and Piano?! or ... a classical guitar duet!!


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