Monday, May 15, 2006


woah! 果真是好久没上网update我的blog了。。。

原因有好几个,但主要是因为我不久前刚找了一份新的工作,所以有一点不适应这样子的工作时间,从一早上班,得到了晚上才回到家里。 那时候,不是看电视节目,就是玩吉他,总是提不起劲儿上网来update blog。

People who know me would know that i'm used to a ba-long-long kinda of working hours (a wonderful incentive for one to be self-employed, i must say). So it's kinda of a new "phase", if you like.. and i think i'll take some time to adjust to it yet.

So, why the 'urge' to update my blog now? :PP

Haha! Thanks to Yen and SnowParang, who brought the 新-新不了情 (note: 新加坡版) saga up again, i feel inspired to spout some of my nonsense again! Grrrrr.....

Not sure if one should feel pity or at least share a sense of sadness for the characters in this saga (esp. the female lead).. cos on one hand, i think these folks are in serious need of psychiatric help but on the other hand, they must feel like the world is crumbling down on them and all..
I mean, co'mon, which moron starts a 'conversation' with God, first asking for a larger scale destruction, claiming that Katrina was a joke? And to top that, he even asks for God to present him with gifts in the form of pretty gals with nicely shaped breasts...

The female lead is singing to the tune of one sad (or more accurately, suicidal ) song after the next.. and it never fails to blow my mind, the kind of 凄惨stories and descriptions that she is capable of putting up.

But then again, maybe i should be more empathatic and 'sensitive' lah, hor... even a bear have feeling mah... grrrr... (ops!)

The one thing no one can deny is - 这个故事太精彩了!


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