Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Friends ( Part I )

Was in a contemplative mood yesterday… thought about weird things like “how many people does a person get to know in his/her entire life?”, and “how many of these people will make a difference in your life, at one stage or the other?”.

We meet new people everyday - in our daily activities, at our workplace, at lunches, at dinners, even in elevators. Wonder if we were to do a spreadsheet and list down ALL the people whom we can remember from birth, how would that list look like? Obviously, there’re a lot of faces who appear before us, but will fade away as just quickly, with the passage of time. Our “hard-disk” has only that much space, and unless someone finds our the way to “activate” that inert hemisphere of brain matter that we have not yet learned how to utilize, I doubt the space is gonna increase too much.

So, people come, people go…

Which is a sad thing sometimes… when people who HAVE made an impact on your life just slowly fade away with time. Friends who have shared loads of laughter, shared hardships, went through certain ‘defining’ moments of your existence, one day ceased to be remembered.

I know a lot of people will claim the ‘inevitability’ of such things. Some blame their work for making them so busy that they have no time to keep in contact with their past buddies. Others say its due to a change in circumstances that ‘forced’ them to lose touch of their past. People get married, some have kids, some move overseas to work, while yet others go overseas for a long long vacation…
Some people just simply want to leave behind their past (and their friends from past), and move on to newer pastures. And try as we may to maintain that friendship (yes, I tried), to just keep in touch, the distance just gets keeps getting longer and longer.

I know someone like that. And it’s sad…

For better or worse, I sincerely wish he finds whatever he’s looking for. OG probably knows who I’m talking about. He thinks one day we might just receive a call from this friend, asking for advice or asking for some kind of help. *shrug* OG may be right. We shall see…

Friends who stay with you through life are ever so rare. Which makes these relationships and bonds that much more valuable and worth cherishing!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm...a timely blog I see...

As in any relationship (b-g, g-g, b-b), nid both hands. I've tried to catch hold of our elusive hero, but he doesn't reply my calls nor SMS nor voice mail. WTF!!

*my wedding footage still with him* VERY WTF!!!!!

I'm very tempted to do a-la-loan shark thingie and paste a memo on his door :P *then, if he still stays at the same address*


8:39 AM  
Blogger Hiong Gai Gai said...

Why not one fine day, we go down together to his place? i got his address (how 'current' i dun knoe lah). I wanna return him his stack of pol books, and you wanna get your wedding footage.

if he not home, we paste big word poster a-la-loan shark! hehehe

9:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SWEE!! ONz!!

*open chinese "alamak" book* to choose auspicious date... ^^


1:22 PM  

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