Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Train Man

This is a really interesting movie. The story goes....

This SUPER nerdy tech guy (early 20s), who is by the way, also the super introvert kind who plays computer games and hides behind his web persona; one day 'rescues' this sweet looking young lady in the MRT (well, the Japan version of the MRT anyway).
Basically, there was a drunk man, who goes around kicking and bullying the passengers on board, on that fateful day, and the nerd (ie. Train-man) somehow muster up enuff courage to come to the damsel's aid in most critical moment.

From then on, he (obviously) falls madly in love with her, but is extremely shy, and suffers from low self esteem and inferiority complex and all.. after all, he's only a low-level technician who's probably earning a fraction of what she's obviously earning in the multi-national company. Furthermore, she's living in this nice house, while he's cooped up in his little messy apartment. She loves dining in nice restaurants, while he's burning in hole in his pockets trying to keep up with her.

So what does he do? He goes online to send out an SOS (to nobody in particular), asking for advice on whether/how he should proceed to woo her.

What's interesting is this group of cyber-pals that forms, rallying around the Train man (someone they don't even know), giving their 2 cents worth of advice. While some advice are sound, others are completely silly but given the experience and background of some of Train man's "strategists", you gotta give it to them.. hahaha!

Of course, after the ups and downs, and the mistakes and the encouragements, our hero wins the heart of the gal and they eventually get together... ah.... how nice :)

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and even though parts of it were fairly predictable, it was still heartwarming and at times downright funny!

And guess what - it's supposedly based on a true story! And it was so popular in Japan that it has been made into movies (yes, more than 1 version, i heard).

I guess, people living in the real world sometimes just need to BELIEVE that such fairy tales do happen.....


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Wonder if it applies to Singapore context....


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