Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Places I'd love to go!!

I’d love to visit the following places, when I am still able to chiong, and enjoy the holidaying experience to the fullest:

*not in order of desire*
1) Hokkaido (Japan)

Even though I’ve been to Hokkaido a few years back, it was a short visit (1.5 days to be exact). Hakodate is such a beautiful town…
I love cold places! And Hokkaido strikes me as a reasonable cold place, with loads and loads of ice and snow, plus the scenic sea view and yummy snow crabs… heaven!

2) Geneva (Switzerland)

Always wanted to visit the this ‘neutral’ and wonderfully advanced place on the face of Earth. Having watched so many movies showing the highly cultured and impressively secure Swiss Banks, I’m just dying to pay a visit and see it first hand! Not that I’ve got millions to place there of course, though that would be nice :P

Not to mention the beautiful mountain ranges they have and the nice watches they make.

3) Loch-Ness (Scotland)

Go, Nessie, go!!

Needless to say, I’m a paranormal/mystery aficionado. Gimme the Loch-ness Monster or Big Foot anytime!! (though I was tempted to look for Big Foot at the JB forest recently, the thought of being mugged by JB Footpads deterred me significantly..)

Oh, did I also mention that I love the Scottish cottages and its gardens?

4) Fiji Islands

Beautiful beaches, unbelievably blue sea, NO high rise buildings, NO pollution, NO contact from office (actually, that depends on whether you leave your satellite phone at home..)….

Sometimes, don’t you just wanna be like Truman (in the movie played by Jim Carey), leave everything behind and just take a trip to Fiji, and basically just… start LIVING your life for real!

And finally…

5) Madrid (Spain)

Spain is the place where classical guitar first grew in prominence, largely thanks to the legendary Andres Segovia. It harbors a rich guitar culture, as evident by the number of budding guitarists strumming and serenading, and the guitar dealers/shops lining the streets.

Its really my dream to one day walk along the streets of Madrid and soak in the "guitar atmostphere"!!


Anonymous hansen said...

Geneva is as interesting as Singapore... so save the trouble and go straight to the Swiss Alps!

6:06 PM  

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