Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Some guys are simply hopeless

Kuja just came back from her shopping trip from BK. She went them with a friend (a colleage, to be exact), who has just broken up with her bf... Actually, i think this trip was meant to be a sort of "shopping therapy" meant to in a way, help this gal get over her bf.
* of cos, i think the trip was also meant to be kuja's 'revenge' shopping trip, to return the favor for my flying to BK with wolf the other time.. hahah *

well, when i said that this colleage "broken up with her bf", i think i should clarify that she was actually "dumped" by him. Really, after a couple of years of them being an item, this guy basically just shoved the standard

"i don't think i deserve you" plus

"i don't think we're compatible", and

"you're better off looking for someone else" combo at her, and *poof* - the relationship ends up in smoke...

Thing is, people break up (and get back together) all the time. So no big deal ya? Sure.. except this (now) ex-bf continues to call up his (now) ex-gf, and asks about her "well-being" (comon lah.. how "well" do you think she can be, after being "dumped" for such silly reasons??), says that he "misses" her sometimes (yah.. right), and best of all, he even tells her that he sometimes "regret" the breakup, and that he might one day live to regret his decision ????!!!??


Best thing is, the gal actually bothers to answer all his calls, and (according to kuja) talks over the phone like she's talking to a very close/intimate friend. geezzz.. this for a guy who just dumped you? I must say she's either super good-tempered and super nice, or she's SUPER naive...

This guy, on the other hand, is really a bastxxx. But i have to admit, he's also a very smart bastxxx. He sure knows how to have his cake and eat it. I mean, which guy would mind having a "backup" gf ya?
One who would wait patiently, while he goes out 'moonlighting' for other nice catch, and when he's had his fill of fun, still welcome him back with open arms...

Of course, during this period, he has got to do some "maintenance work" lah.. like calling her up periodically to say how he misses her, how he feels he's made a mistake, how he wants her to be really happy... (sounds familiar?)

I say (and Kuja agrees whole-heartedly, she being the ever agressive male-basher - hmm... "lucky" me. hahaha), forget this a-hole and move on with enjoying life lah.. stop pining for him to 'return'. If not, then she'd better be prepared for another few shopping trips to mend her fragile and broken heart...

*gasp*.. maybe that's the whole idea from the start!?!? Shopping is KING!! *


Blogger Yen said...

Why does this sound so familiar? Aiyah, guys are like that one lah, i'm not saying all guys, but guys in general. (I'm sure your Kuja would agree with me.) Look at the Katrina lover, so similar...but of course, it takes 2 hands to clap.

4:55 PM  
Blogger Hiong Gai Gai said...

I also totally agree what. haha! And i think ALL guys would WISH to have that "privilege". but *sigh*, the harsh reality is that only some lucky bastxxx like these guys get to have that privilege, becos their gfs are either too nice, or too naive...

the rest of the guys? well, they learn to accept their 'fate', and be happy with life. I'm happy! :)

5:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And they say "lightning doesn't strike twice at the same place" LOL

As outsiders, we can be objective, can't be said for the players in the love game.


8:59 AM  
Anonymous hansen said...

hmm..let's not talk about the guy (which is confirm-chop-stamp-gurantee) an asshole but talk about the girl.

Why she still hold on leh? Girls will say she is sensitive and love him too deeply and that's sort of stuff. I think she's just being dumb.

Of course if the guy just wanna maintain friendship I guess it's ok but from Mr Hiong I don't think so. Call BKK expensive you know!

6:11 PM  

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