Thursday, December 21, 2006


First of all, I am not a Christian. Neither am I catholic.

But I like Christmas. :)

In the sense that, compared to all other festivals and public holidays we have in Singapore, Christmas seemed have a different "feel" to it - in other words, it is special.

While some people may say that the Chinese New year (typically in Jan - Feb period) usually creates a wonderful festive mood - 喜气洋洋, 大街小巷洋溢着春节的气息, etc.etc.... But the truth is, during the first 2 days of the Chinese New year in Singapore (i heard it's different in Hong Kong...), any street you go to virtually looks and sounds like a dead alley. That's because all the shops are closed! There's hardly anyone walking on the streets, other than the occasional group of families with kids in tow, walking from their car (or bus stop) to go house-visiting. So i guess all the 喜气can only be felt indoors. :P

For Christmas, however, you'd see long queues of people thronging the streets. Lotsa sale going on, lotsa christmas deco, lotsa christmas songs being played in the malls...etc..etc. Basically, all these creates a nice, buzzling atmosphere.

As for the other public holidays (festivals), there's hardly any visible difference, other than maybe having slightly more crowded shopping centres, as Singaporeans virutally has nowhere else to go but visit shopping malls for a holiday movie, or a meal with their families or friends.

So, I really look forward to this coming Christmas day! Going to go for good food and good shopping and enjoy the wonderful Christmas songs and mood in the city!

We wish you a merry Christmas; we wish you a merry Christmas;
We wish you a merry Christmas and a

Happy New Year!



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