Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New year musings..

We had a small year end party held at our place over the last weekend. In fact, it was on the last day of 2006, and we invited a group of close friends to celebrate the arrival of the new year with us.

We catered some food, and some of the guys brought along champagne, wine, agar-agar, cakes, etc.. As expected, there was abundance of food, and we had to play games to decide who eats the remaining food - as part of the forfeit!

It was overall an enjoyable occasion, lotsa chit-chat, lotsa catching up with one another, and of course, the games segment provided another platform for us to laugh at one another -in good spirit, of course.

The only person who was half-sulking (we thot so!) throughout the games segment was our dear Barber. Talk about demonstrating mutant powers..... kuja and i were really amazed at how his face could so easily turn black, and he can switch into this "anti-social" mode, all in the split of a second...and for no apparent reason too.

Well, maybe it's just one of those "men-above-30" syndrome. I believe OG and myself might have demonstrated some such mood swings at times too - got to do the hormones, i guess... (although the black-face transformation mutant skill belongs solely to Barber's unique arsenal)

Looks like the topic of "Masak" is taboo for a while now... i get this feeling that the air becomes a bit icier each time someone brings up "Masak" in front of Barber. Like he will suddenly switch to this defensive, unfriendly mode.. for some reason.

Hmm.. maybe we should take the opportunity of the new year to change a new name for the group too, ya?

Start afresh.. as they say.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talk about a sms from Kallaboo regarding helping her GF to widen her social circle!

shush, i cant recommend myself :P


10:13 AM  
Anonymous michelle said...

oops, was the change in weather caused by me? I always unknowingly and unwittingly cause the dark clouds to form =)

as for the name change, can our newest member help? our limited vocabulary resulted in masak. haha...and we're now mas_k

1:10 PM  
Blogger Wai said...

Exceptionally bad weather meh? Thought it's always been like that? :p

Er... Masak then Masak lor. Anyway none of my initials will fit... Quite like the name anyway. Haha. Can't really think of anything else.

8:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BTW, guys do get those "days" too, cept it happen irregularly.


8:28 AM  
Anonymous hansen said...

aiya, I/we already used to it. Should see his face when he got bad hands during mahjong!

Anyway I don't think it's Masak but the games we play lah. The solution - get him a gf so that he can go watch more movies!

PS: guess who called him while we were halfway in our mahjong game at Saturday midnight? :)

9:06 PM  
Blogger wai said...

Haha. Could it be the same person we met at Citilink earlier? :p She passed me some chocolates for you guys.

7:56 PM  
Blogger Hiong Gai Gai said...

wah liao.. u guys love speaking in codes man..

Luckily i have managed to discover the idendity of the "mysterious caller" - straight from the horse's mouth. haha.

9:34 AM  

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