Friday, November 09, 2007

Shall we Dance?

I watched this movie called "Shall We Dance?" over Mediacorp 5 last night.

It's a movie about a middle-aged man (Richard Gere) feeling a little worn and jaded in life, and eventually finding that dancing helps him to regain some of life's zest and excitement.

Initially, when i saw that Richard Gere was in the show, i'd pretty much assumed that it would be one of those wishy-washy (and worst of all - mushy) type of romantic comedies. (The other notable actresses in the show were Susan Sarandon and Jennifer Lopez) Fortunately I didnt just switched off the TV.

In the end, it turned out to be a pretty decent show! (the only other good show which i remembered Richard Gere in was, of course, "The Mothman Prophecy" )

Gere's character - John Clark - had a pretty good life, on the face of it. He has a loving wife (Susan Sarandon's character), 2 teenage kids (a boy and a gal) and a good job, being a lawyer. The problem seemed to be that as the years go by, the "spark" in life seemed to just go away, and life generally falls into a routine day of:

1) going to work
2) coming back home to,
3) kiss the wife and,
4) ask how are the kids. Then,
5) Go to bed and get ready for ... (1) again.

Also, as his children as more or less grown up, they have their own activities, and doesnt really need (nor appreciate) their parents poking their noses around too much. As for John and his wife, they spend most of their hours awake working, and seldom does anything together at home besides having meals. At one point, their lives became so predictable and routine that she commented to him on his birthday "What do you want for your birthday? Can you think of something that is in a box?"

John then slowly develop a fascination for dancing - something which occured to him as his evening bus passes by this old dance school everyday aftter work. He also notices a pretty dancer (J Lo's character - Paulina) who seems perpetually sad.
Eventually, he signs up for the class, and meets 2 other guys who are in the class for personal reasons (one, to impress his fiancee-to-be; and the other, simply to impress all gals).

As the show progresses, it becomes obviously that John has found something in life that he truly enjoys doing. The problem is - he feels "ashamed" of this new hobby of his, and because of that, decides to keep it from his family. At some point, Mrs Clark begins to suspect her husband of having an affair and decides to investigate. The fumbling investigators eventually "clear" John of any mischief, but the fact that John kept his after-work activities from his family caused much tension and discomfort within the family.

In the end, John realised that his love for dancing is nothing for him to be ashamed of (he stood up to a group of co-workers who were making fun of another male colleague who happens to love dancing), and instead, he chose to share his renewed vigour and joy in life with his wife.
And of course, all's well ends well.

I personally enjoyed the movie because it painted a pretty likely scenario (albeit in a light-hearted way) of a typical middle-aged couple (老夫老妻), married for a long time, and having kids who no longer needed much supervision. The challenge they faced is a real one - how can they keep the passion in their relationship alive? On a even simpler level, how can one maintain this "spark" in one's life, such that it does not become just a predictable, boring run of minutes, then hours, then days....?

Ah hah! That's where my lovely "girlfriends" come in! Both and curvaceous and beautiful, and ever so huggable. And they sound pretty too!

And both are made of wood :)


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