Monday, December 03, 2007

Visits to NUH

In the past one week, I must've made more trips to the National University Hospital than I had in the last few years. I remember the most recent trip (before last week, that is) was to visit Mr A, who was recovering from his fall (or was it because of his heart condition? cant really recall).

But this time round, it was something closer to heart. Much closer...

My parents were both hospitalised - one after the other - for suspected dengue fever (which was later confirmed). Both of them were having recurring fevers that would subside even after days of medication which they had been given by GPs.
* which brings me to this: why didnt the doctors suspect dengue after their 2nd visit? If the fever does not subside after the 1st round of medication, shouldn't they at least have done a blood test then???

Anyway, my mum was admitted last Wednesday, after she felt so feverish that she couldn't endure anymore. I waited for her at NUH A&E dept for almost 5 hours, while they took her blood and did the test(s). Needless to say, it was a stressful and exhausting night, having to sit at the cold hard hospital seats for hours waiting, seemingly without end. I have to say that i was feeling relieved when they eventually told my mum that she was to be warded for observation as well as to rest. By then, it was past 1am (and we were there at 8pm).

My dad was also feeling unwell, though he insisted that he was ok. He was warded on Thursday after we noticed that patches of dark red appeared all over his legs. Apparently (we found out afterwards), this was also a syndrome of Dengue, caused by the dramatic drop in blood platelet levels in the victims.

Thank godness my dad has been discharged from the hospital yesterday (and I've just been told that my mum will be discharged later today).

Well, i guess the one good thing that came out this episode (stressful as it was) was that my parents are now seriously considering moving out. Frankly, it is difficult for an old couple to be staying by themselves in a large house, since they do not hire a maid to help with the house chores. It is only a matter of time before the demands of maintaining such a large place overwhelm them, and things like these (breeding of pests due to neglecting to clear the pots and roof gutters, etc) happen.

I will be helping them to look out for a suitable condo to move into. Hopefully things can happen soon.


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