Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I am very excited at the prospect of playing a guitar duet with my son in the years to come. Imagine playing Jorge Morel's Danza Brasilera (the duet version) with him! That'll be something...

Still, my wife has reminded me that boy-boy may not be interested in playing guitar when he grows up. That's true, i guess.
We both agreed that it's probably better to start him off learning music by taking piano lessons.

I remember the days when my mum started me and my brother on our musical (appreciation) journey when she played on the piano for us. I think we must have been not more than 4 or 5 years old at that time. I was instantly attracted to the nice melodious tunes that she played (cant remember exact what songs she played of course) and soon began to start experimenting on the black-n-white keys myself. Soon, we were both enrolled to study with a music teacher, and thus began our real exploration into the world of music-making.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately!), I soon discovered that piano wasnt exactly my cup of tea. And from then on, classical guitar became my true passion, though I am acutely aware of the many positives that came from my years of music training on the piano. For one thing, having gotten accustomed to reading 2 lines of piano music at one go, reading a single line for the guitar seemed much more straightforward and simple!

And so, back to boy-boy....

Yes, we'll certainly want to give him a chance to learn proper music theory and have a strong classical music background. Learning piano seemed like a good choice. For a start.
Ultimately, we'll let him decide for himself (when he's older), what instrument he would like to pick up and pursue further.

I hope it will be the classical guitar! :)


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