Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kite Festival

Was supposed to put up this writeup weeks ago... but just didnt get down to uploading the photos...hehe


It was a sunny afternoon last Saturday. We decided to bring JK to the kite festival organised by the NTUC group, held at the West Coast Park.

We were a little taken aback by the sight of cars flooding the road (and roadsides) we drove nearer to the park, and by then it was clear that driving was perhaps not the best way to reach our destination. In the end we parked at West coast plaza, and took at cab there instead. Incidentally, that must've been the shortest cab journey I took - it lasted no more than 3-4 minutes. But it got us where we wanted to go, without the hassle of jostling for a parking lot with hundreds of other impatient drivers there then.

The park was (by then) packed with families - it was about 530pm. Kites of numerous shapes and sizes were already air-bourne and it was definitely a sight to behold! JK seemed a little confused about the whole affair, as he was peroccupied with the buzz of human traffic and noise all around him. There were many kids running around, and it must've been pretty exciting for him to see so many "gor-gor"s and "jie-jie"s all over the place. As expected, he clinged on to us pretty tight in the initial period, until later on when he was more comfortable and settled.

EP had prepared a nice dinner for us - consisting of sandwiches (actually, it was more like toasted bread with egg "implant" :=) ) and chicken meat skewers and sausages. It was our first real family picnic together! The last time we brought JK out for a picnic (of sorts) was at a time when he was still baby who couldnt walk by himself. It was a gathering with my (now) ex-colleagues at the Botanical gardens late last year. See how time flies?

Anyway, I think JK enjoyed himself on Saturday, though most of the time, he seemed more interested in what we were eating, and throwing our meal boxes around. He was also fascinated about how the grass felt under his bare feet, although mostly he didnt really dared to venture out of the mat too often. The "high" point for him was when I seated him on my shoulders for a walk around the nearby area - to get into the thick of the action amongst the crowd and nearer to the kites for a better view. Seeing him so excited really made my day!

I'm looking forward to our next outing. =)


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