Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How they grow

Met up with J today over lunch. It's always nice to meet up with ex-colleagues and catch up. For J and I, our main focal point would always be our kids - she has a 3 year old boy, while my little beastie is 2 year old.

I recall about a year back, when we had an department outing at the Botanical Gardens on a Saturday, the 2 boys wore the same clothes! Yep - exactly the same design and prints - except for the size, of course. More unbelievably, according to J, they had the same stroller as well! hahah
* oh, coincidentally.... just last week I re-watched the video clip which I took that day. And realised how small the beastie was then, and how much he has grown over the last year.... Sigh. How time flies...

J told me about the childcare centre that Mat (her boy) was going to, was going to close down (due to tenancy/costs issues). Pretty sad.... especially since it took Mat 2 months to get over the stage of crying and sobbing whenever he goes to school. And just when he's starting to enjoy the company of the other kids and the teachers there, they'd received news of the impending closure of the centre.
That made me think about how we'd eventually have to put the little beastie in a childcare centre - so that he would slowly learn how to be more independent, and can also start picking up the basic life's skills - esp. interaction with other people, besides his family. Just imagining how he would (almost certainly) cry his heart out when we leave him at the centre, brought an ache to my heart. I doubt I'll have the will to walk away from his cries then. (in this aspect, EP is a much tougher parent. No wonder she's Kuja...)

We also talked about travelling with the kid. Apparently, J and P have brought Mat overseas on many occasions already - and as far as Canada (20+ hours flight time) ! Really can't imagine how we'd be able to handle the beastie on a plane for more than a couple of hours. He would surely terrorise us (as well as the neighbouring passengers)! Hence, the travel destination(s) next year will most likely be modest, nearby locations like Bangkok, or maybe Hong Kong or Taiwan. =P


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