Tuesday, November 24, 2009

THE question

Today mum popped that question again while we were having breakfast....

Which question? Noorrrr.. THAT one lor... A clue: Basically it is the equivalent of what you'd ask a single person, "hey, when are you getting married?"; and what you'd ask a married couple with no kids, "hey, when are you folks having children?"

So, to a guy who's married, and who has ONE kid already, what else could an over-zealous mum ask for?

Haha... ya.. THAT question lor.

To be honest, I had consider that possibility (can't speak for my other half tho :P) but thinking about the stress of enduring another 9 months of emotional unpredictability and mood swings from the other half.... then followed by 1 month of "associate" confinement.... then the seemingly endless sleepless nights (it's a 2 hourly automatic alarm! ) and definitely not least the extra financial burden of taking care of another beastie....

Admittedly, it's a scary thought.

Still, whenever I look at that smiling face and into those little eyes of my boy, I cant help but feel this warm fuzzy feeling. It's certainly worth every single ounce of discomfort or suffering any parent would have to go through to get here. Maybe that is why many couples chose to "bite the bullet" again. Well, for those couples who like children, anyway. =)


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