Monday, November 16, 2009


You know you've definitely moved on to the "next stage" of your life when you attend a wedding dinner:

1) tugging a little one with you, and who happens to the object of attention whenever family and friends talk to you. Conversations are never far from
"Wow, he's so big already? How old is he now?" or
"Hey, you boy is soooo cute! Looks a lot like ____ (either me or my wife, depending on who they know better)" or
"Wah, happy family. So nice! So when's number 2 coming along?"

2) And instead of checking out pretty girls/ladies in the crowd, you spend almost ALL your time/energy making sure the little one is not falling off his chair, or attempting a magic trick - that of pulling off the table cloth, with all the plates and cutleries siting on top of it.

3) And you shake you head with a rueful smile when you see the wedded couple's video onscreen, thinking, "ahhhh... so nice to be young" or "Wah leow... how childish they look!"

4) And every time the emcee(s) request for the guests to stand up (to welcome the bride & groom, as well as to do the toast), you feel reluctant to move your butt off the chair, and can only do so with a audible grunt of effort.

And lastly.... and most sadly...

5) And you have to leave at the 4th dish (typically the roast chicken/duck) because it's already 10pm and past the little one's milk/bed time!



Anonymous Chun Yong said...

Hi, 我剛好看見你的blog, 我目前在找古典吉他的老師, 不曉得你有沒有可以介紹的呢? 還是你本身也有教? 我的email: 謝謝!

12:47 AM  
Anonymous gteoh said...

hello! i totally know how u feel.. am feeling VERY old myself now that i have a kid to watch after 24/7! how're u doing btw? been wanting to contact u but realised i don't have your new work email address!

4:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:35 AM  
Blogger 北海道的大黑熊 said...

hey gerry!

You can always email me!

How's life? btw, are you back in Spore, or still overseas?

7:12 PM  

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