Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Friends ( Part II )

I think friends need a REASON to keep in touch.

Think about it, all those people (excluding immediate family members lah!) who we come into contact regular these days:

1) colleagues – reason? Work lah! Have to meet up everyday at work what… so will definitely keep in close contact. Until one or both leave the company… then..

2) friends from interest groups – in my case, it’s the passion for classical guitar music-making. So I’m actively involved in several guitar groups - teaching & conducting in some, and playing as a performer in others. This presents a very strong reason for me to keep in touch with these groups of friends, several whom I can relate to as close personal friends.

Other people may have friends in sporting activities (e.g. soccer, basketball buddies), or through their community clubs and classes (e.g cooking class, dance class, etc. )

3) friends from past associations – most commonly, these are old classmates, either from your Primary, Secondary, JC, or University periods. For me, I’ve almost completely lost touch with my Primary/Secondary school friends, save those who are unfortunate enuff to become my JC/Uni mates as well. (hahaah!). I’m lucky to have this group of mates who went through Sec/JC together, and even though we weren’t studying the same courses in Uni (in fact, some weren’t even in S’pore for their varsity years), we remain a very closely-knit group. Must be becos we sort of share the same “interests” lah.. hahahaha

These also includes ex-colleagues, army friends, ex-spouses/bf/gf, old pets.. etc.
4) friends from religious groupings – obviously not for me. I’m guess it’s just “not time for me” yet, so I haven’t seen the light…*ahem*

Others may have found their true calling, and their true love in their religious groups. Churches, temples, mosque… hmm..

So the moral of my piece is…? Actually nothing :P

No lah, seriously, I believe that in order for us to keep a relationship “alive”, and not let it fade into the mist of time, we have first gotta to recognize what is this REASON that this relationship was based on in the first place. Cos once this REASON is gone, or becomes a weakened proposition, then so too will the friendship that hinges on it.


Blogger Yen said...

I've also thought about this. Many of our friends, whom we meet up with regularly, are usually becos it's convenient due to some weekly/daily activities which bring us together.

It takes some effort to keep in touch with friends that don't share similar activities. But we need to go the extra mile to keep these friends, or else, it will be, out of sight, out of mind.

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