Monday, January 08, 2007

Ole ole ole ole...

I have always loved watching football. Whether it is club competitions or the World Cup, football remains my favourite sports ( to watch on TV . not to play! )

Nowadays, there's the EPL, the Primera Liga, the Bundes Liga, the Seria A, or if you're really desparate - there's always *ahem*... the S-League!

For those uninitiated, some terminology:

EPL - stands for English Premier League. Years ago, when finals were played at the old Wembley stadium, and the Premier League was called Division One; it was simply termed British football. Now - it's EPL. :)
In my opinion, the most fast paced and hiong league (which explains why i love to watch). Lots of hard tackles, fouls, on-pitch antics like diving, hand-of-god attempts. Plus the managers love to continue the drama before and after the match. Mud slinging and insults are traded on a daily basis, it seems. Shiok!

Primera Liga - the Spanish top league, where teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Sevilla, Athelico Madrid, etc.. slug it out for the title. Arguably the league with the most flair and style. Lots of world class stars ply their trade in this league, including Ronaldinho, van Nistelroy, Deco, Eto, Beckham, Torres, and the recently retired Zinedine Zidane.

Bundes Liga - the German league. Famous teams include Bayern Munich, Bayern Munich, and still Bayern Munich...

Seria A - the Italian league. Since the disgraceful fiasco that was uncovered last year, revealing bribery of match officials, match fixing, etc.. the league has suffered a lost of prestige, somewhat. A big name club like Juventus has even been relegated to Seria B, and their top stars fled like monkeys from a burning tree. Still, with clubs like AC Milan and Inter Milan around, the Italian clubs are still a force to be reckon with... though i cant sit through a match between 2 Italian sides. So technical and boring...

And lastly...

S-League - no comments. Except, to watch if you like kelong scorelines like 9-0, or 5-5, etc. Good for the punters and the gambling industry in S'pore though. :P


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