Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I guess it was inevitable.

The "exodus" has begun in my department, as one trainer after another threw in the towel and basically declared, "enough is enough". 3 trainers have gone since Aug this year, and 1 more is leaving (transferring to another job role within the company) come year end.

It scares me to think that with the reduced number of available CTs around, how we are going to cope come Jan/Feb period next year, when 2 more trainers will be going on their 3 month (minimum, as they may apply for unpaid leave!) maternity leave.

Sure, new blood will be recruited, and in fact, we were told that 1 of them may be joining us as early as this week. Still - and this is from personal experience - it takes a mininum of 3 months to get a new hirer up to the point where he/she is able to train the clients on an designated application - be it a trading platform or an information system like the Xtra.

During this transition period...well, as the saying goes - we all have to 自己保重!

The other thing that has come about due to this massive outflux, is the accompanying lowering of the team's morale. Imagine - instead of coming to an office with lots of buzz, lots of gossips and camaraderie, now the mornings are peppered with quiet greetings and comments of "wah, our area now so empty ah?" and "where did everyone go?".

Ironically, the most interesting talk nowadays is of this "betting pot", which Ben suggested - basically he's giving out odds of this trainer, that trainer, leaving the team. After the most recent round of resignations, I'd bet the odds have just been adjusted even lower! haha.

Well, perhaps it will take another 1-2 years to build up another strong team that can work and play together. By then, who knows whether I myself will still be a trainer? :P


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