Friday, January 12, 2007

Integrity issue

It's amazing how some people can be so callous, so despicable, so... disgustingly dishonest. Somehow, I've always assumed that people who have received good and proper education should at least have a good sense of moral judgement - of rights and wrongs.

Of course, my assumption (stated above) has been proven wrong on a number of occasions. Perhaps I'm being naive in thinking so in the first place.

It's a touchy subject - this "moral judgement" thingie... cos what's consider 'right' by some people may not be so 'right' when viewed from a different angle, by a different group of people. There are - and i totally agree with this - areas which are quite clearly "gray". Without going into details (as i've mentioned, it's touchy!! ), I can think of many issues that concern certain human rights and morality that fall under this "gray" category, and many a times these also depends on religious beliefs and etc...

And I, for one, cannot stand people who love to stand on moral high ground, with the "I am holier than thou" attitude and judge people as sinners...

No. I'm talking about the more clear-cut cases - "Hey! That's frakking wrong!! " - regardless of what colour your skin is, what your beliefs are, or which part of the world you come from...

The Story so far....


An undergraduate (BB) wanted to borrow some money from an elderly person (AA), whom he got to know through an association/club in the University. BB claimed he was in a desparate state and needed funds to pay for his University school fees (or for some other "life-or-death" matters.. who knows..). AA, out of goodwill, lends it to him.

Fast forward some 5 years...

BB has long graduated from the University. He found a regularly job and has even switch jobs several times. But not once has he contacted AA to talk about returning the money that he borrowed.

AA manages to get BB's contact through some mutual acquintance, and BB reluctantly returns a small part of the money, claiming he will pay back the rest soon.

Fast forward another 1 year...

BB again ceases contact with AA. When finally tracked down and asked about the remaining sum of money he owed, again the same excuse - financial difficulties, so cant pay back at the moment.

* The term "BB" is adapted from Yen's blog. I shall not repeat what it stands for.

Gosh... to me, this is quite unbelievable. To put things in perspective, BB is a young man, graduated 6 years ago, having a decent paying job (he claims to have postings overseas even). AA, on the other hand, is an ailing old man in his 80s, who has retired for ages, and is now fully dependent on his children for support.

Again, if you asked me - this simply goes to show what kind of person BB really is.

Highly educated perhaps. But certainly lowly in terms of character and zilch integrity.

Pooooooiii !


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